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Liviu Nastase, MD

Liviu Nastase, MD

Liviu Nastase, MD, specializes in internal medicine at Highland Medical as a skilled nursing facility physician. He currently delivers care at the following facilities in Rockland County: Pine Valley, Northern Riverview, Nyack Ridge,and Northern Manor.

Prior to joining Highland Medical, Dr. Nastase managed his own private practice in Pearl River, NY, for many years. He also worked as a nursing facility provider for Park Avenue Physicians in White Plains, NY, and is still currently the Medical Director for Lexington Center for Recovery in Valley Cottage, NY. Dr. Nastase received his Medical Doctorate from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Irasi, Romania, and completed his residency at Bronx Lebanon Hospital in Bronx, NY, and Mt. Vernon Hospital in Mt. Vernon, NY.

Dr. Nastase has a wealth of knowledge and experience and enjoys delivering exceptional care to his patients. 

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