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Wound Care

The Wound Care Center

Specialized treatment for hard-to-heal wounds. 

About Us

Our wound-care physicians have had great success healing all types of wounds—even those that have resisted traditional treatments for months or even years. For people with certain chronic wounds that won't heal with standard care, an advanced treatment call hyperbaric oxygen therapy is available. Patients may self-refer to us or be referred by a physician or other healthcare professional.

When you see a wound care physician, he or she will complete a history and physical, order diagnostic tests if indicated and determine a plan of care that follows evidence-based guidelines. Treatment will focus on the cause of the wound, co-existing conditions that impact wound healing and topical wound management. Patient progress reports will be shared with the primary care provider, referring physician or HCP, and the patient will be returned to their care after discharge. 

Treatments and Services available
  • Wound consultation/evaluation, diagnostic and ongoing assessments and treatment
  • Non-invasive vascular studies
  • Specialty wound dressings
  • Cellular and tissue-based products
  • Compression therapy
  • Treatment of wound infections
  • Patient and family education
  • Pressure off-loading devices and footwear
  • Debridements
  • Negative pressure wound therapy
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
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160 North Midland Avenue
Nyack, NY 10960
United States

More Information

The Wound Care Center at Montefiore Nyack Hospital

T: 845.348.7600