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Highland Medical Chronic Care Management Program for our Medicare Patients.

What is the Chronic Care management Program?

Developed by Medicare and provided by Highland Medical to help you better understand your options and manage your appointments, scheduling, prescriptions and more. Support between visits is provided to you by your own team of nurses available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Highland Medical is pleased to make this program available to you as we feel strongly that it will enhance your health and increase your quality of life.


Who is qualified to participate in the Chronic Care Management Program?

Patients with two or more chronic conditions expected to last more than 12 months or the lifetime of the patient.

Patients with Medicare, Medicare Advantage Insurance or other qualifying insurance.

Patients who have been seen in the last 12 months by their primary care physician and are 18 years of age or older.

*You may only be enrolled in a CCM program with one primary care physician.*


What is provided through this program?

Coordination of care with patient, doctors and care givers.

Personalized care plan with regular check-ins from dedicated nurses who can provide assistance between physician visits.

Appointments and Reminders.

Personalized education about your conditions and help identifying resources in your community.

Medication Refills.


How can I enroll?

Ask your physician today how to join our program or call our enrollment team at (845) 450-6803.

*Only qualified patients may enroll*